An Effective Natural Menopause Treatment


An Effective Natural Menopause Treatment

Natural menopause treatment is truly appreciated by many women having the symptoms of menopause. They seem to prefer alternative medicines because the use of hormone replacement therapies might be harmful. Natural menopause treatment is known to be effective with its teas, elixirs and topical applications. Natural menopause treatments decrease the symptoms and this is why so many women try them before starting traditional hormone replacement.

The old saying that the cure can be worse than the disease can be applied here. The side effects of traditional menopause treatment are not really pleasant and you should pay attention to the correct dosage. Apart from that, symptoms are not fully controlled even when having traditional treatment. After all natural menopause treatment is much safer than the traditional hormone replacement therapy. Herbal remedies are commonly used in natural menopause treatment. They might be black cohosh, dong quai, maca root and red clover.

All of them contain phytoestrogens which are like the natural estrogen and their main function is to increase the level of the hormone in the body. Black cohosh is the thing that decreases menopausal symptoms like hot flashes and vaginal dryness. It also helps to reduce the irritability and it stabilizes mood swings. If you are taking black cohosh, it is also good to know that it reveals depression and anxiety. It also fights against night sweats and heart palpitations. Dong quai is herb that also treats menopause symptoms naturally. What this Provitalize complaints herb does best is to dilate blood vessels. When dong quai is combined with black cohosh is it most effective.

Another herbal medicine is maca root. It works as a hormone regulator and helps the stimulation of hormone production. It’s most vital function is that it restores libido and increases sex drive. Red clover is the last herb mentioned-above which is used in a natural menopause treatment. It contains high levels of phytoestrogens which work against mood swings and hot flashes. Red clover also protects the organism against osteoporosis. Another thing this very effective herb does is to increase good cholesterol in the blood stream which automatically means lower risk of heart disease for those women taking it.

Even when using natural menopause treatments you should not exceed the recommended dosage and should also be directed. Whatever type of alternative medicine you want to try, it’s best if you consult your primary care provider. He might give you sound advice which remedies and therapies are the most suitable for you. Another thing you should do is keep a proper diet and exercise. These two things definitely have positive impact on our health in general, so they also help the reduction of menopausal symptoms.

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