Baltimore’s weather ranges from hot and sultry nights to bundled-up winter days. The most popular tourist season is summer which runs from June through early September. You will find travelers donned in shorts and tanks as the temperature can go above 100 degrees during the day. It is also very humid so even on days that the mercury doesn’t top 100, it could very well feel that way. The nights cool off a bit, but don’t expect to need much more than a light sweater if anything at all. Baltimore has its mix of sun and rain during the summer and afternoon or evening thunderstorms often accompany excessively humid days.

Both spring and fall Weather Forcast in Baltimore offer some reprieve from the hot weather, so even though summer is the most popular visit time, if you don’t have the need to get here during those months it may be to your advantage to visit during the more seasonable times. Fall runs from late September to mid November and offers mostly pleasant days. Sometimes it can be a bit windy. Baltimore is situated on the East Coast and thus subject to hurricanes and tropical stores. Not many hit the city directly (last one was in 2003), but sometimes Baltimore receives a day or two of after affects of other storms during the fall months. Spring runs from late April to early June and is usually pleasant with warm days and cool nights and occasionally rainy days.

Baltimore’s Winter however is a different story. Running from mid November to early April the season brings cold weather and often snow just in time for the holidays. Waking up to a snow-covered Baltimore when the city has slowed down for a few hours is a beautiful sight, but if your trip consists mostly of walking and/or outside sights, stick to the warmer months. But if you‘re mostly interested in museums, theaters, and indoor activities, winter in Baltimore offers its own beauty and a reason to find a seat by the crackling fire at a local pub after a long day of touring.