Body Building Myths That Must Die!


Body Building Myths That Must Die!

The best way to gain muscle naturally is by working each muscle group to its max. You must also find a balance between how hard you work your muscles and the amount of rest you allow for your muscles to rebuild. Body building routines to build muscle naturally must be designed to max your muscles out with enough rest in between workouts so your muscles can grow.

Muscles will respond to the forces that are placed on them. This means that if you apply a greater resistance to a muscle it will grow stronger and bigger. In order for this to happen the muscles will need the correct type and amount of nutrients and sufficient rest. You also have to avoid muscle accommodation. This means that you have to constantly stimulate your muscles with increased resistance or they will get used to the weight you are lifting. When this happens they no longer grow.

You can vary the resistance you place on your muscles by doing the following:

1. Increase the number of repetitions while keeping your weight the same

2. Increase the amount of weight you are lifting while performing the same repetitions

3. Shorten the rest period between sets while you keep the weight and reps the same

You can try one or all of these techniques or any combination to stimulate your muscles to continue to grow and develop.

The best way to gain muscle naturally then is to overload your muscles within each workout. Start with a few warm up sets then add progressive resistance so at least the last 2 sets take you to failure. These are the sets that are building muscle and strength. Low reps with heavy weight.

In order for this overload principle to work you have to include the right nutrition and the right amount of rest for your muscles. If one aspect is missing then you will not make the gains that you would like. Intense training, proper nutrition and plenty of rest.

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