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No matter what time of year you visit Baltimore, you will be able to find a variety of cultural events. During the summer the city hosts Artscape in the Mount Royal cultural area which features live music, dramatic and poetic performances, arts and crafts exhibitors, and beginner workshops ranging from song and poetry writing to clowning. During an evening stroll along the bay in the Inner Harbor which sparkles under the city lights, the air is filled with the sound of live music from a variety of bands and performers during the summer months. The dropping temperatures of the fall bring the Baltimore Book FestivalRead More →

Founded in 1729 and incorporated in 1796 by Maryland’s founding family, the six Lords Baltimore, the city grew from a tiny village of 200 homes to a prosperous shipbuilding center and port. Originally founded to serve the needs of 18th century farmers, its waterways grew to provide passage for cargo and citizens alike. Baltimore’s port was the second most popular point of entry for immigrants after Ellis Island. By 1860 Baltimore was the third largest city in America and is now the 13th largest. Its port is now 5th among United States ports. Due to its long history, Baltimore has an amazing number of “firsts.”Read More →

The majority of tourist attractions are located within walking distance of the Inner Harbor, but the surrounding neighborhoods also offer a variety of off-beat sights, cultural activities, and small-town charm hidden in a big city. It is very easy to get around Baltimore and the adjoining areas. The LightRail Transportation System runs seven days a week and has stops from Hunt Valley to Anne Arundel County. A Lightrail line also runs from Penn Station in downtown Baltimore to BWI Airport. So if you don’t have a lot of baggage and don’t have the need to rent a car you can hop on the Lightrail forRead More →

The Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI) is Baltimore’s primary airport. It is located approximately ten miles south of the city. International as well as domestic flights arrive and leave the terminals on 19 different carriers. The airport offers daily and long-term parking and provides complimentary shuttle service to the long-term satellite lots. The Baltimore Airport Terminal is easy to navigate as there are many signs that point travelers in the right direction. If you get turned around, a variety of airline and airport employees are available to get you going the right way. Transportation to and from the airport is a breeze. The Lightrail and AmtrakRead More →

Even with the many sights and sounds of the bustling seaport, visitors to Baltimore should find it fairly easy to get around. Many of the attractions and historic neighborhoods are within walking distance, so a good map will help you navigate the city streets to ensure you can make the most of your visit. Baltimore City Maps can be found at the visitor’s center (401 Light Street, Baltimore), almost any store, the local tourism offices, or on the Internet. Downloadable maps of the downtown area, hotels (downtown and outlying), and parking are available on Public transportation maps are also easy to find. Most publicRead More →

Baltimore’s weather ranges from hot and sultry nights to bundled-up winter days. The most popular tourist season is summer which runs from June through early September. You will find travelers donned in shorts and tanks as the temperature can go above 100 degrees during the day. It is also very humid so even on days that the mercury doesn’t top 100, it could very well feel that way. The nights cool off a bit, but don’t expect to need much more than a light sweater if anything at all. Baltimore has its mix of sun and rain during the summer and afternoon or evening thunderstormsRead More →

The best way to have an enjoyable vacation and to ensure you spend most of your time sight-seeing and not trying to decide what to do is to check with the local tourist offices prior to or upon arrival in a new city. Baltimore offers a variety of tourist offices to help make each traveler’s stay an enjoyable one. Of special note is the new Baltimore Visitor Center that opened in May 2004. This one-stop shop gives visitors information on events and attractions, offers brochures on numerous attractions and maps of the city, assists in making reservations for lodging and dining, allows you to purchaseRead More →

The trend of establishments that provide Internet access to the general public has not quite caught on in Baltimore. One Internet café exists in the city for visitors to use. Another option that many hotels offer is dial-up Internet Access in each room so if you have a laptop make sure you inquire about the availability and rates (many are free of-charge, but some aren’t) when you make hotel reservations. Some hotels also have stations with several computers that offer Internet Service (again some are free and some are fee-based). This is another item to inquire about when booking hotel reservations. The one Internet CaféRead More →

Here are some of the pictures and photos that we have included in our guide. Please look throughout the site to see all the Baltimore picture and Photos we have. We would also like to say thank you to the people who sent in their Pictures of Baltimore for us to use on this site. Baltimore Pictures and PhotosRead More →